Preview of web layout’s HTML code generated from Photoshop

Automatic PSD to CSS conversion service has got a new feature. Now, not only screenshot of the converted web site is available for preview, but you can also check out resulting HTML web layout! So, besides reviewing the visual result of PSD to HTML conversion you will be able to evaluate HTML layout itself. It will help you to avoid such situations as:

  • Text layer was converted into image. This usually happens because text layer uses font that is not standard for web, i.e. such a font that most probably is not installed on the computer of a person who is going to view your web site. Change the layer’s font to the standard one, like: Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino Linotype, Helvetica. After that CSS layout will contain text, not an image.
  • Layers are grouped in a way you do not like. If layers in the PSD template are not grouped enough then PSD to HTML service tries to automatically group layers into rows and columns. Sometimes it may be done in a wrong way. To avoid it we recommend to group layers in PSD template logically. Tend to create layer groups for header, footer, main content and other rows and columns of elements. Also, never divide all layers into group of all texts and group of all images. It will help PSD to CSS conversion service to divide template into proper div blocks.

After uploading your PSD template evaluate the conversion result. If something has gone in a wrong way then update your PSD design properly an upload it again. Proceed with payment only if conversion result satisfies you. We hope this new feature of PSD to HTML service will help you to get better conversion results. Now, to create a web site is very easy and is almost free!

We are always open for your suggestions and observations. Feel free to contact us through the contact form or via support email address which is also published on the contacts page.


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  1. PSD to CSS, HTML, XHTML conversion tool has now enhanced and working properly. Now any user who have any issue related to PSD file. That one can go through PSD to CSS conversion tool. This one not only professional, but also very friendly..

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