Automatic conversion of PSD text layers into CSS text

Those, who are using automatic Photoshop to Html conversion service for a long time have already noted that Photoshop text layers are now converted into HTML text in a different way. In the past, text style of the first letter of a Photoshop text layer was used for all the converted layer’s text. Now, all the text styles are extracted form the Photoshop text layer. Thus, you do not need anymore to divide your text layers into text layers with similar text style. Creating web sites has become easier.

Moreover, all the underlined texts are now converted into XHTML hyperlinks automatically by PSD to CSS conversion service. So, if you would like your text to be converted into a hyperlink you should mark it with a $link$ tag only in case your text has not underlined style. However, if you don’t want your underlined text to be converted into a link you can simply mark such a text layer with a $nolink$ tag.


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