Using multiple effects of the same type on Photoshop layers and layer groups

New Photoshop versions allow to set several effects of the same type simultaneously for a single layer. It is allowed for following effects:

  • Stroke
  • Inner Shadow
  • Color Overlay
  • Gradient Overlay
  • Drop Shadow

For every layers it is allowed to set up to 10 effects of the same type. This feature allows designers to create unusual effects in a simple way.

We added support for such multi effects in the automated psd to html service recently.  Service generates CSS code which includes styles for all the effects at once.

Cross browser CSS code will be generated for both ‘Shape’ layers and text layers. We remind that for text layers only Drop Shadow, Outer glow и Color Overlay effects can be converted to CSS code. Thus, text layer will be converted as image in case any other layer effects are used. Service will show a corresponding warning in this case.

For layer groups you can use effects of the same type as well. That will be handled as usual. First, effects will be copied to inner layers of the group. Then, corresponding CSS code will be generated for inner layers.


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