New features of automatic CSS layout creation service

We added an extremely useful feature to the service of automatic PSD to CSS layout conversion.

Service now automatically analyzes an uploaded Photoshop design template. If you forgot something during the template preparation we will notify you about that! So, you will have a list of actions you should undertake to prepare the template in a right way and get a CSS/HTML layout of a better quality.

We will notify you about such things as:

  • Image mode other than 8 bits/Channel.
  • Image mode other than RGB.
  • Template contains layers with not rasterized layer effects.
  • You use fonts that are not standard for theĀ  main text in the template.
  • Logical grouping of layers is not enough.
  • You don’t use special tags int psd template (so, you will not be able to get HTML markup for hyper links, lists, input forms, etc).

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