Progress bar for file upload and PSD to HTML conversion process

Service of automatic PSD to HTML and CSS conversion has got a new feature that has been demanded by our customers for quite a long time. We implemented the progress bar for the PSD file upload and its conversion process. First, the customer will see a progress bar of the process of file upload to the server. Then, another progress bar will appear and show the PSD to HTML conversion progress. That’s much more convenient than waiting for several minutes in front of the “Please wait, file conversion is in progress” sign on the display.

Along with this a rare problem was fixed: conversion process might hang if user uploaded a file that needed a long time to get converted (more tham 5 minutes). The “Please wait” window continued to be shown to the user forever. Redirect to result page was not performed.

Moreover, the page with conversion results was significantly reworked. A very useful new feature was added. If you uploaded a PSD file, were redirected to the conversion result page and decided to download the HTML markup, but noticed that you are not logged in – that’s not a problem anymore. You can log in right on this page. If there are conversion available on your account then you will be offered to use them. Even you have no bought conversions it is better to log in – remember, that with each conversion you earn a progressive discount!


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