Creating CSS layout for RTL language

A lot of us get used to write from the left to the right. So it is accepted in English, Russian and a lot of other languages. But there are a lot of languages (like Arabian or Hebrew) in which LTR writing system is used. HTML and CSS provide support for both LTR and RTL writing system.

HTML provides a special attribute “dir”, that accepts two values:

  • ltr – for the left to right writing system
  • rtl – for the right to left writing system

However, using “dir” attribute is not welcomed because it is responsible for the appearance of the document, not for its structure. But cascading style sheets should be used to describe appearance.

In CSS there is a “direction” property that is responsible for:

  • how the text is rendered in the block;
  • position of the scroll bar in the blog;
  • order of columns in the table;
  • position of the orphan line in the text block with text-align: justify.

Psd to Css Online service now supports conversion of design templates with RTL text direction. We added an additional option for that on the PSD file upload page. Choose the text direction you need on your web page and then upload your PSD design. Psd to Html software will make all the work for you.


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