New tags for layers in PSD file (support for HTML5, etc.)

We have added several new tags for layer names in a PSD file recently. Please, check how to use them when converting PSD design to HTML5/CSS3 code.

  • #header, #footer, #section, #nav, #article, #aside – groups marked with these tags would be converted into corresponding HTML5 blocks. Example of usage in the PSD file: html tags.psd. Conversion result: html5
  • #alt{alternative text} – if an image layer is marked with this tag then in the resulting markup image will have alternative text set to the specified value. Example: “Logo#alt{My company}”.
  • #h1{alt text}, … , #h6{alt text} – image layer will be converted into a header of 1st, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6th level and specified text will be set as image’s alternative text. Example: “Logo#h1{My company}”. Also, you can do the same with the #alt tag: “Logo#h1#alt{My company}”.

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