Selecting quality level for PNG and JPEG images extracted from Photoshop

We added ability to change quality level of images when they are automatically  extracted from Photoshop template. We added two options to regulate quality level.

One of them – “Images quality level”. It allows to choose quality level as a number from 1% (min quality) to 100% (max quality). This option covers two use cases:
1) compression of JPEG images,
2) lossy compression of PNG images – its conversion into 8-bit PNG format.
By default, quality level is set to 90%.

Another setting is “Enable lossy PNG images compression”. It enables or disables conversion of images into 8-bit PNG (so-called PNG quantization), i.e. lossy PNG images compression. Such compression allows to noticeably reduce file size (often as much as 70%) without visible loss of quality. Quantization is recommended by the Google Pagespeed tool.
Minimum allowed image quality level is defined by the aforementioned setting.

It’s worth noting that service will always perform additional lossless PNG images compression thanks to metadata removal and optimized compression algorithms.

To summarize, when automated Photoshop to HTML and CSS conversion is performed, you will always get the most optimized images with desired quality level. That will be good both for SEO and for your customers.


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