Create tables with PSD to HTML converter

We added possibility to create tables from layers of PSD template.

In order to create HTML table please use following tags:

  • #table – mandatory tag. Add it to the layer group which contains all other table’s layers.
  • #thead – optional tag. If you want to put one or several rows into table’s header <thead>, then unite all the cells into a group and add #thead tag to its name.
  • #tbody – optional tag. In the same way as for the #thead tag, you can unite layers which correspond to table’s cells into one group and add tag #tbody to its name. In resulting html code corresponding rows will be wrapped by <tbody> tag.
  • #tfoot – optional tag. use it in the same ways as #thead and #tbody.

Table, any row and any cell may have its own background image.

Cells of the table are detected automatically. Every table’s row shall contain the same number of cells, union of table’s cells is not supported. If table’s structure failed to pass validation rules, then the service will generate a warning that table cannot be recognized.┬áIn this case please double check that layers indeed can be converted into a table.

Download and check out example of PSD template with a table and result of psd to html conversion.


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