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Extract PNG, JPG or GIF images from Photoshop layers in seconds.

Read in details about exporting images from Photoshop template.

Choose options for free slicing of PSD file to images.
In addition to these options you may apply following tags to layers and layer groups of PSD file:
- #jpg, #jpg{quality=0..100} - image will be extracted in JPG format. Optionally, you can set image's quality level. Max level is 100, min level is 0. Default quality level is 90.
- #gif - image will be extracted in GIF format.
- #merge - content of a group marked with this tag will be merged into a single layer and converted as image.

Images quality level

Define quality level for images as a number from 1% (min quality) to 100% (max quality). This option is applicable to:
1) compression of JPEG images,
2) lossy compression of PNG images (8-bit PNG) in case it is enabled by corresponding option.
In most cases default value of 95% is good enough.

Enable lossy PNG images compression

Allows or disables lossy PNG images compression - conversion to 8-bit PNG. Allows to significantly reduce file size (often as much as 70%) without noticeable loss of quality. This type of compression is recommended by Google Pagespeed tool.
Min image quality level is defined by the previous option.
Note, that additional lossless PNG images compression is always performed regardless of this option.

Remove unused images

If "Yes", then those layers which are unused in the resulted markup, will not be included in the resulting zip archive. If, "No", then all layers which were visible in the PSD template but are not used in generated markup will be put into a folder 'unused_images'.
Following image will not be used in the resulting markup:
1. Images of text layers which were converted as styled text
2. Images of layers which were converted into CSS3 code

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